Novel Trends and Developments In Robotics

The territories where automated frameworks are executed have been spreading progressively, other than „classical " applications in modern/creation fields and innovations, for the most part into the regions and advances with non-modern/non- designing applications, additionally into new regions of administrations These patterns put higher requests on the intricacy of advancement of all methods entering robotized creation and administration frameworks. Late patterns framed new needs on the advancement and development of new classifications and eras of robots and in addition new way to deal with the application of robots in view of higher advancement of computerized/automated frameworks adapted by profoundly unmistakable usage of non-conventional mechanical standards of control/PC innovation, data innovation and counterfeit consciousness.

  • RoboBee clings
  • MIT device in robotics
  • Robotic exoskeleton
  • Tactile robot
  • Robotics in farm and agriculture

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